Social Media Management

This is a typical example of the type of website I can create.

Photofairground has been expanded even further and now includes social media management. This is an ideal concept for small business that are far too busy to successfully and continuously update their social media pages.

For either a one off fee or an ongoing amount, I can:

  • Design and create a simple to use website that looks clean.
  • Take all the photographs to be used on the website
  • Write all the pages that visitors to the website will be able to read

I use the wordpress template because it’s extremely easy to use and should you require me to update it on a regular basis, it’s what I use for this website and my other (although that is self hosted).

I create all the photography and writing for the website

I also use wordpress because the set up fees are nominal. It’s free to get a site going, then it’s a case of buying a domain and mapping it to your website. This can be as little as £20 a year.

I offer two services:

One off charge

This incoporates a complete site build and uploading of photographs to Facebook for use.

To build a site from scratch, take all the pictures, format them to the website, write all the pages and get the site to a position where you can take over administration costs, link all social media for minimal time output, set up an email account and provide all log in details.


Rolling charge

This incorporates the above said site build, all photography, writing and getting the site to a published state as well as creating an email address. On a regular basis I will then update the website with blogs and photographs, add images and text to social media, interact with page readers, ask questions to get people chatting which increases footfall to your website.

£75 per month on a rolling contract with no minimum time and no early discharge fees.

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