DPP_0287I have over 19 years of experience taking pictures of people and weddings. Below are a selection of my wedding photographs. The equipment I use is bang up to date and I buy a new memory card for every wedding to avoid card failure.

It can be argued that the photographer is the most important person at a wedding. No-one else is going to capture the day the same way a professional photographer can.

That’s why at photofairground, I’m not trying to get in the way of other professional photographers. I say if you have £2000 to spend on a photographer then spend it.

But, if you’re on a budget or needing to save money here and there then that’s where I can help. I pride myself on keeping my prices as rigid as I possibly can. My packages are listed at the bottom of this page and they’re highly competitive. I’m happy to shoot from minute one to the last dance or any areas in between. Just choose the one that suits you best or give me a call if you can’t decide.


Full day: Includes bride preparation in the morning, groom preparation, arrival, ceremony, formal after ceremony shots, and reportage style shots of guests. Wedding breakfast and reception with formal evening shots of bride & groom with immediate family. Cutting cake and first dance. Leaving for honeymoon if on same day. You choose 20 images to be edited.


Half day: You can choose either first half of full day which will be getting ready through to formal shots after the ceremony or the second half day from arrival at wedding to last dance. You choose 10 shots to be edited.


Hourly rate: Should you only need me on an hourly basis then you can do so. Availability is more restricted due to the tailored approach. No images are included in the hourly rate. Please see below for the picture sizes I can supply. Wall sized images (12×10, 20×16 & 40×30) will be edited for noise reduction, colour and exposure balance, dust removal and general tidying. Glaring photographer based errors (dust, flyaway hair) will be edited on all photographs, to be discussed during viewing. I am the only photography company in Sheffield to offer an hourly rate!

£25 per hour

Second shooter: Get a second photographer at your wedding to capture even more of your day.


Pictures: Printed on Fujiflex super high gloss paper at a professional laboratory. Prices are per print:

6×4: £5.00

7×5: £10.00

10×8: £15.00

12×10: £30.00

20×16: £50.00


All images on a flash drive (unedited): £400*

Heavy photo editing: Some pictures can be heavily edited by me, such as tattoo or person removal. However, sometimes there may be some intense digital editing required to your photographs that I simply can’t perform. These will always be at your request, I will never take it upon myself to heavily edit pictures. This is because it is time consuming and delicate work. As such I may need to outsource it to professional photo retouchers (Photoshop Wizards). If this is necessary, photofairground will have no control over the cost but it will be discussed beforehand and your approval will be needed before proceeding.


*When all images on a flash drive are purchased, intellectual rights will still be owned by photofairground and I shall be able to use the images for advertising with the permission of the subjects. When all images are purchased, an accompanying letter will declare the customers rights to use the pictures.

Please note: I won’t require any food to be provided to me and I’ll bring a car.

All printed photographs bear the photofairground logo. Please read the Copyright and liability page.

All images on this page are owned entirely by photofairground. Any use of the images in this gallery without prior permission is forbidden. Please email me, should you require permission.

Robin and Beverly


Jenny & Loz

Bev & Dave

Chris & Lyn


Michelle & Kath



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