Product photography

milk_12Through my freelance writing, I get to test cameras and part of that task is to provide high quality product shots of each camera. This process includes balanced lighting, clean compositions with low noise and minimal chromatic aberration.


Product/packshot: Full set of pictures of the product(s) in a studio or location environment. Fully edited.


Model included: Full set of tasteful high fashion style pictures of the product in studio or location environment with interaction from a model (boy or girl).


Full model interaction: Model comes to place of work and tastefully interacts with product and place of work in a high fashion style.


Calendar: Why not have your product pictures put onto a calendar? This unique package includes the Full model interaction pack and 100 high quality A4 wire bound glossy calendars. You get full control of what pictures are used and in what order.


Upgrade to 100 high quality A3 glossy calendars?
£950 (total, not extra)

Olde fashioned: It’s entirely possible that you want to know what your company would have looked like if it had been started in the early 1900’s. Well, with the flick of a wrist and the waving of a wand, I can recreate that for you. I will come to your premises and take a photograph of the exterior. If you wish to dress it up with flags or bunting beforehand, that would add to the effect. I will then process the image into an olde fashioned version of itself. For an idea of the treatment the picture will receive, see our examples of artwork on the Artwork page.

Olde fashioned photo of exterior & one 12×8 print:


I’ve been taking these pictures for around seven years. I’ve included one or two as examples below.

Product shots, various camera equipment

I’ve also taken some product photographs for a local dairy farm. Below are a selection of images.

Our Cow Molly



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