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Hubble discovers that dwarf planet Makemake has a moon

This information was found using the Wide Field Camera 3. It’s a fascinating piece of hardware.


Progressing ideas is a slow process


Ideas come to me pretty quickly; I consider myself an ideas man. Usually I think up things without considering application and execution. On my new project, I’m approaching it much more thoroughly though. I don’t want to do this wrong, you see.

So today I’ve revisited Remo’s cafĂ© in Broomhill to finish up some shots that I thought of as I was leaving last week. It’s a progressive thought process and I’m learning from it all the time.

I think I’m done, though, so I can get back and start editing the pictures ready for uploading to a new website and social media. Then once I have an idea of how much it will cost me to provide this service, I can work out a retail price.

If you would like to chat about what I can offer your business, please get in touch.

Preparation is key

IMG_0012I visited Remo’s cafe in Sheffield today. I’m good friend’s with Remo – the owner – and he allowed me to come into his cafe and shoot some corporate shots for my new project that I’m going to be able to offer to customers in the near future.

I had a lovely time shooting coffee, meals, sandwiches and desserts. I would have loved to have shot Remo but sadly he was ill, so I may have to go back. He’s so energetic and passionate about his work, his coffee is arguably the best in Sheffield.

I also want to go back and shoot some more stuff that I thought of as I left. This is a learning curve that I’ll be able to factor in to the final product.

The image attached to this article is one of my personal favourites and out of the 108 I shot, I’ve got 46 that I think are exceptional. The total number of photographs wouldn’t be limited or the price adjusted unless it took a number of days to complete. I need to still edit this shot. So far I’ve only adjusted the exposure and sharpness, it needs cropping slightly.

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New ideas


I chose the name “photofairground” because I wanted to illustrate the diversity and fun of shooting with me. I can turn my hand to any style of photography.

Recently I’ve looked to expand my photography further still and I’m going to look into Web creation and design.

The offer will be:
Basic Web creation with professional photography and writing provided. Social media set up and promotion. Dedicated email set up
Domain registration and mapping onto website.
I will offer this as a one off payment where the customer gets the above but then has to deal with the renewal of the site themselves, or I will handle it for a monthly fee and deal with renewals on their behalf. The monthly fee will also include additional support such as back up stock photography, team photos, additional writing, rolling social media promotion.

I’m off to my friend Remo’s cafe (of the same name) in Broomhill on Thursday to take some pictures and create a template that I can demonstrate to potential clients. Watch this space.

If you have a business that you’d like me to handle, get in touch and have a chat. You can email me or call 07834536183.