Photofairground was devised and conceived in 2011.

I was born and raised in Sheffield and have been interested in photography since I was around 17. It started with GCSE Photography at college and snowballed from there. My professional career has taken me through many different roles and all but a small select few have had a photographic tie in some way.

Humble beginnings
I started small, working for a photographic retailer as a junior sales assistant when I was 18. I left there to become a portrait photographer in Germany. When I returned home, I got a job at Olan Mills, the international photography studios specialising in children, family and make-over photography. I worked in the make-over side and quickly progressed through to travelling photographer.

Throughout my career, I travelled to many cities and towns in England such as Newcastle, Gateshead, Sunderland, Middlesbrough, Leeds, Bolton, Preston, Wigan, Liverpool, Stockport, Sheffield, Lincoln, Peterborough, Burton, Stoke, Leicester, Aldridge, Wolverhampton, Worcester and London.

Moving on
I eventually looked for other work and got a job at Jessops as a retail assistant. This meant I could talk about photography all day. After a couple of years, I got promoted to Assistant Manager at the Doncaster branch. 18 months later, I transferred to Chesterfield to help another member of staff out of a situation. Then 6 months after that (4 years to the day with Jessops), I got poached by a mobile telecommunications retailer who promised me the world. It was the biggest mistake of my life and realised that I shouldn’t have ever left photography.

After leaving there, I acquired a job at an online photographic magazine as the Technical Writer. This job was immense. It meant I got to see all the latest photographic gear and travel the world for trade shows and press launches. Eventually, the economic climate caught up with me and redundancy followed. Since then, I’ve returned to retailing for a short spell until the lure of writing became too much and he became a freelance writer.

18 years after catching the photography bug in a pitch black film prep room and I’m now a freelance writer and photographer. I enjoy life in Sheffield with my two children. I consider myself a student of all photographic disciplines which is why I chose the name Photofairground. A fairground has such a wide range of activities, and the business reflects that.  I don’t consign myself to certain genres so if you visit photofairground, there’s something for everyone.

Company philosophy
At photofairground I understand that not everyone has a big budget to get some wonderful photographs done. That’s why I set my prices where they are and I endeavour to keep the price at that price.

Photographs are important to everyone, not just me. That’s why I say if you have £2000 to spend on a professional wedding photographer, spend it. Don’t save money on photography if you have the funds available. I produce excellent work so if you’re on a budget and you still want a brilliant photographer then give me a call.


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