Anyone can be a photographer, right?


There’s a common misconception that anyone can take photographs. Photographs are what photographers take and snaps are what everyone else takes.
A snap is a quick image of life and is short for snapshot. The name is quite explanatory in that it is a rectangular memory of a fleeting moment of your life. Everyday cameras are great for recording snaps. Snaps can make sure you don’t forget your child’s first steps, a gorgeous holiday or passing a driving test.

The word photograph derives from  Latin for “Photo” – which means light – and “graph” – which means to draw. Drawing with light. Essentially a photographer is a painter but uses light instead of oils to transfer the image directly to the canvas, or film/digital sensor.
A photograph tells a story and a photographer has the skill to say it in one frame. No movement, no narration.

The ability to convey a message simply via a single frame is really something else when you think about it. Yet photographers are constantly undermined by industry simply because a camera can be bought in a shop or is attached to a phone. They offer work with no pay and hide it behind “experience” and/or “exposure”.

If you want some photographs for your business, it doesn’t have to cost the earth. I already offer product photography and will soon be expanding to include website creation and social media promotion. Please consider that the photographer you want will have bills to pay, children to feed and equipment to buy. They can’t do that with exposure alone.


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